WOW! Another Blog Award!! The Addictive Blog award..

I really feel so honored to be considered as an addictive blog! Thank you so much Tamara Your blog is truly addictive and really everything a girl loves; Food, Beauty, Fashion, and product reviews.  I was addicted from day one!

Why did I start blogging? What started my journey? . Well here goes. I was on top of the world I had everything I wanted. Above all happiness. And then with the snap of a finger It was all gone. Welcome to life. I started blogging as a release. To help me process what had just happened to me. I discovered that we really are all one. We really are all connected in some way. I discovered that it doesn’t matter if you live in Afghanistan or California a broken heart hurts the same universally man or woman. I decided to start blogging more about building yourself up after someone has just tore you down. Also about finding happiness again after you were devastated, and about facing the truth and not being a doormat for any man. Too many girls I know keep chasing guys that show no interest in them at all, and it just drives me insane. I have a saying and I stand by it. “When someone is into you nothing will keep them away”! True dat!

This blog has given me the opportunity to not only share experiences with other people , but to also meet some amazing people and to  be inspired by them to be a better person everyday.  I really appreciate everyone that reads my blog thank you so much! I can’t even express how much it meant to me to have even one person understand what I was going through at the time. And the one thing that blows my mind is that my blog is being read in over 50 different countries around the world! So cool. 🙂

Award Rules:

Thank the person awarding you Share a little about why you blog and how the journey started Paste the blog award on your page Nominate 10 other bloggers you feel deserve the award. I find the following blogs addictive:

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Having been a huge fan of Sex and the City and also being from New York City I decide to start a blog after I became single. I am getting over a broken heart. What I write may not always be nice there is still some pain, but It will be the truth of my experiance some of what I went through and some of what I have learned. In the end I would love to help even one person move on quickly from heartbreak and never have to go through the hurt and the pain that I allowed myself to let linger. I moved to South Beach for my present Job and to start over. My blogs will be related to love and relationships in one way or another because like Carrie I am still searching for my Mr.Big. “Maybe its time I be clear about who I am. I am someone looking for love…” - Carrie Bradshaw, 2004, Sex & the City Series Finale Welcome to SexandMiami.

14 thoughts on “WOW! Another Blog Award!! The Addictive Blog award..”

  1. Thank you again! As for you, you are like my God Child…I have been addicted since the first time I began reading and feeling your pain…I have to check in and make sure you are well. There is this compelling notion I feel…I appreciate you sharing your experiences and allowing me and others to watch you grow. You have come so far and have strengthened so much. I am so grateful for that for you. I’d like to know why I do not get some of your posts as I am a follower…hmmm you don’t show up in my reader some times. a glitch? or did I just miss this? lol it’s all good. You know I am with you in spirit always! Take Care….

  2. You are very welcome. You happen to be my fav PUA blogger. You actually respect girls and want to be in love oneday which is why i love your blog. You are a real guy who just wants to get it right.
    Right on 🙂

  3. Thank-you so much for the nomination! That made my day. I love the stuff you’ve got here, too. You’ve always got great insights into relationships, and a fun-to-read writing style. Thanks again.

      1. AWWW! Thank you! I’m going to have a new awards page up on my blog today in honour of everyone who has passed on an award to me 🙂

  4. What we share is so important. A decade ago, nothing like this was available to women (and men) suffering through the pain of failed relationships. The burden was heavier and lasted much, much longer. I really believe blogs like yours help many come out of the fog faster and with more understanding that forgiveness begins with ourselves. No counselor or BFF will get it unless they have been through it. We’ve been through it. We deseve to help each other and not be afraid to ask for more help when we need it. healing and recovery should not be a path we walk alone. 🙂

    1. Aww thank you Paula . I can tell you what meeting you has meant to me and how much you have helped me make sense and let go of what happened to me. thank you . YOU ROCK! 🙂

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